Toward an Evangelical Public Policy: Political Strategies for the Health of the Nation.

eds. by Ronald J. Sider and Diane Knippers. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books, 2005. 380 pp.

An Evangelical Call to Civic Responsibility: While evangelicals are becoming an increasingly viable force in American public life, too often their political agendas have lacked clarity, consistency, and Christlikeness. Catholicism has a rich history of papal reflections and directions, and Protestantism has its own traditions from which to draw, but evangelicals lack responsible approaches to their own earthly citizenship. The result has been an ineffective role in shaping civic debate. Toward an Evangelical Public Policy will help conscientious Christians carefully develop a biblical framework that guides their political involvement. The editors show how to combine political philosophy with Scripture, tradition, and sophisticated study of the contemporary mindset by drawing together contributions from: Clive Calver Nigel M. de S. Cameron Galen Carey Richard Cizik Paul de Vries John C. Green David P. Gushee Kristin E. Heyer Dennis P. Hollinger Joseph Loconte Paul Marshall Tom Minnery Stephen Monsma Raymond R. Roberts Mark Rodgers R. Scott Rodin Ronald J. Sider Max L. Stackhouse Glenn T. Stanton Glen H. Stassen Nicholas Wolterstorff Challenging evangelicals to think more deeply about their political involvement, this book will help believers make the most of a historic opportunity to shape a better world. Ronald J. Sider is president of Evangelicals for Social Action. Diane Knippers is president of the Institute for Religion and Democracy. Table of Contents: Part I: Learning from the Past 1. Seeking a Place/ John C. Green 2. A History of the Public Policy Resolutions of the National Association of Evangelicals/ Richard Cizik 3. Evangelical Denominations at the Foundations of Modern American and British Social-Political Structures and Policies/ Paul de Vries 4. The Mainline Protestant Tradition in the Twentieth Century/ Max L. Stackhouse and Raymond R. Roberts 5. Insights from Catholic Social Ethics and Political Participation/ Kristen E. Heyer Part II: Toward an Evangelical Methodology 6. Toward an Evangelical Ethical Methodology/ David P. Gushee and Dennis P. Hollinger 7. Theological Foundations for an Evangelical Political Philosophy/ Nicholas Wolterstorff 8. Justice, Human Rights, and Government/ Ronald J. Sider 9. Citizenship, Civil Society, and the Church/ Joseph Loconte Part III: Central Themes for an Evangelical Framework 10. The Sanctity of Life in the Twenty-First Century/ Nigel M. de S. Cameron 11. Caring for the Vulnerable/ Clive Calver and Galen Carey 12. Family Integrity/ Tom Minnery and Glenn T. Stanton 13. Stewardship/ R. Scott Rodin 14. The Ethics of War and Peacemaking/ Glen H. Stassen 15. Human Rights/ Paul Marshall Part IV: Implementation 16. In the Arena/ Stephen Monsma and Mark Rodgers