The Justice Project

eds. by Brian McLaren, Elisa Padilla & Ashley Bunting Seebe. Grand Rapids, Mich: Baker Books, 2009. 284 pp.

Justice and the call for change are in the air. Whether it's extreme poverty, human rights, racism, or the Middle East, news outlets bombard us with stories about the need for justice in the world. But how are Christians to respond to these stories and the conditions to which they refer? Here's help.

Editors Brian McLaren, Elisa Padilla, and Ashley Bunting Seeber have amassed a collection of over 30 brief chapters by some of the most penetrating thinkers in the justice conversation. Divided into sections, "God of Justice," "Book of Justice," "Justice in the USA," "Just World," and "Just Church," The Justice Project invites readers to deepen their understanding of the pressures our world faces and to take up the challenge of alleviating them.

Never has the world been in greater need of Christians who "do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God." This resource will help them do just that. Contents: Foreword by Jim Wallis Introduction: A Conversation About Justice / Brian D. McLaren What Is Justice? / Brian D. McLaren God's Call to Do Justice / C. René Padilla Section I: The God of Justice 1. God's Justice: A Biblical View / Sarah Dylan Breuer 2. Just Son: What Does Jesus' Message of the Kingdom Have to Do with Justice? / Adam Taylor 3. The Holy Spirit of Justice / Peter Goodwin Heltzel 4. A Tradition of Justice: Snapshots of the Church Pursuing Justice Across the Major Periods of Church History / Jenell Williams Paris 5. (De)constructing Justice: What Does the Postmodern Turn Contribute to the Christian Passion for Justice? / Tony Jones Section II: The Book of Justice 6. Reading the Bible Unjustly: How Has the American Church Read the Bible Unjustly? / Richard Twiss 7. Just Torah: No Justice, No Peace – The Heresy of the World Ignored / J. Shawn Landres 8. Prophets of Justice: How Can We Read the Prophetic Books in Their Socio-Political Context? / Jeremy Del Rio 9. Justice in the Gospels: What Does the Good News of the Kingdom of God Have to Do With Justice? / Suba Priya Rabindran 10. Reading the Epistles for Justice: How Would Early Christians Have Understood Justice as Written about by the Apostles? / Sylvia C. Keesmaat Section III: Justice in the U.S.A. 11. My Name is Legion, for We Are Many: Exorcism as Racial Justice / Anthony Smith 12. Just Land: What Are the Key Justice Issues for Native Peoples in the U.S.? / Randy Woodley 13. Just Elections: What is the Most Pressing Voter Issue Facing Our Democracy Today? / Bart Campolo 14. Just Liberals: What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Liberal Politics in Light of Biblical Justice? / Heather Kirk-Davidoff 15. Just Conservatives: What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Conservative Politics in Light of Biblical Justice? / Joseph Myers 16. Just Family Values: How Can Christians Advocate Justice for Non-traditional Families? / Peggy Campolo 17. A More Excellent Way: A Prophetic Word on Borders / Gabriel Salguero Section IV: A Just World 18. Just Perspectives: How Can We Become Just Global Citizens? / Ashley Bunting Seeber 19. Just Wealth: How Is the Poverty of the Poor in the Global South a Matter of Justice for the Rich in the Global North? / Darió López 20. The Business of Justice / Pamela Wilhelms 21. Just Ecology: What Demands of Justice Does the Planet Make upon Followers Of Christ? / Lyndsay Moseley 22. Just Religion: Why Should We De-colonize God's Name? / Samir Selmanovic 23. Just Cities: What Does the Call to Justice Mean for Life in Our Cities? / Chad R. Abbott 24. Justice in the Slums: Urban Poverty as a Monument to Injustice / Jorge Tasín 25. Just Suburbs: What Does the Call of Justice Mean for Life in Our Suburbs? / Will and Lisa Samson 26. Just Countryside: How Can Justice "From the Roots Up" Affect Life in Rural Areas? / Sarah Ferry Section V: A Just Church 27. The Power of Ordinary: How Are Evangelicals In the U.S. Awakening to Social Justice Issues? / Shauna Niequist 28. More than "Just Us": Justice in African American Churches in a Post-Civil Rights Era / Alise Barrymore 29. Suffering for Justice: How Can We Anticipate and Pay the Price of Seeking Justice? / Annemie Bosch 30. Planting Churches In Justice / Roy Soto 31. Parenting for Justice: How Can Parents Instill the Value of Justice in Their Children? / Ruth Padilla Deborst 32. Just Trade: Commerce That Brings Justice to the Poor and Meaning to the Rich / Nathan George and Lynne Hybels Conclusions 33. Just Hope: What Good Can Come from Our Frustration and Anger at Injustice? / Doug Pagitt 34. Just Beginning: What Are Some Good First Steps In Seeking Justice – for Both Individuals and Faith Communities? / Tomas and Dee Yaccino 35. A Justice Emergency: Will Justice Become Central to the Emergent Conversation? / Elisa Padilla