God in Public: Four Ways American Christianity and Public Life Relate

Author: Mark G. Toulouse Publisher: Princeton University Press Publish Year: 2006 Book Description: In this important study, Mark Toulouse maps the ambiguous landscape between American Christianity and American public life. Built on an extensive study of religious periodical literature since the mid-1950s and on an analysis of landmark events in American history, Toulouse develops an insightful typology for understanding how Americans have related their Christian faith to public life.

For Toulouse, the relationship between American Christianity and American public life exists in four styles of interaction: iconic faith, priestly faith, the public Christian, and the public church—with each model appearing in various forms across the terrain of American history. Carefully examined and accessibly written, this study is sure to generate discussion and bring clarity to the many ambiguities and

diversities that continue to mark American Christianity.

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Contents: Foreword Introduction Part I. The first Amendment 1. The Establishment Clause 2. The Free Exercise Clause Part II. Public Life and Faith 3. Iconic Faith 4. Priestly Faith Part III. Faith and Public Life 5. Public Christian 6. Public Church Part IV. Postmodern Context 7. Faith and Public Life in a Postmodern Context Appendix Notes Index of Persons Index of Subjects