Civil Society, Religion and Global Governance: Paradigms of Power and Persuasion

ed. by Helen James. London/NY: Routledge, 2007. 313pp.

This is one of the first books to explore the nexus between civil society, religion, and global governance, their impact on human security and well-being, and significance for current debates in international politics. The contributors examine salient aspects of the secular state whose monopoly on, and control of, institutional violence has reified its use of power to such an extent that the modernistic separation of church and state is being called into question, as institutional limits are sought to the abuse of that power. The volume is clearly divided into six key sections. Within these sections the illuminating case studies span a wide geographical extent from Central and Eastern Europe to Egypt, to Latin America, Iran, Bangladesh, Australia, the Pacific and East and Southeast Asia. This book will be of strong interest to students, policy makers and researchers in the fields of human rights, religion, political science and sociology. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction: civil society, religion and global governance – the power and persuasiveness of civil society / Helen James PART I Human security and human rights 2. National security: proportionality, restraint and commonsense / Michael Kirby 3. Human security, identity politics and global governance: from freedom from fear to fear of freedoms / Amitav Acharya 4. A transcivilisational perspective on global issues in the twenty-first century: a way to overcome Euro-America-centric discourse on world affairs in the twenty-first century / Yasuaki Onuma PART II The politics of civil religion 5. The Anglican church, the state and modern warfare / Philip Towle 6. Religion and the destruction of aboriginal society : the paradox of Australian indigenous civil societies / Gordon Briscoe 7. Church-state relations and civil society in former communist countries / Robert F. Miller PART III The ethics of civil development 8. War and the role of religion in a global civil society / Joseph Runzo 9. Citizenship as consumption or citizenship as agency?: the challenge for civil society in Latin America / Philip Oxhorn 10. Corruption, institutions and transcultural interaction / Seumas Miller PART IV Civil society and global governance: panacea or problematique? 11. Postsecular civil society / Wayne Hudson 12. Christian custom and the Church as structure in 'weak states' in Melanesia / Bronwen Douglas 13. Governance, civil society and economic development: a view from the Pacific / Ron Duncan PART V Cross-cultural perspectives on institutional development for civil society 14. Community development and globalisation / Isagani Serrano 15. Confronting Burma/Myanmar's security dilemma: an integrated approach to national and human security issues / Zar Ni 16. The place of religion in the Iranian fertility transition / Peter McDonald and Md. Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi 17. Faith, NGOs and the politics of development in Bangladesh / Bina D'Costa PART VI International civil society: prospects for enhancing human security 18. Contesting 'globalisation from above': international non-governmental organisations and the prospects for global social contract / Baogang He and Hannah Murphy 19. Kifaya as political culture: the Egyptian presidential election, 2005 / Jacky Angus 20. Religious-based civil society and anti-corruption campaign: the Indonesian experience in the creation of good governance / Azyumardi Azra 21. Conclusion : paradigms of a more civil society / Helen James