Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church, and the Bible

Author: M. Daniel Carroll R. Publisher: Baker Academic Publish Year: 2008 Book Description: Immigration is one of the most pressing issues on the national agenda. This accessible book provides biblical and ethical guidance for readers who are looking for a Christian perspective on the immigration issue. As both a Guatemalan and an American, the author has immersed himself in this issue and is uniquely qualified to write about it. Drawing on key biblical ideas, he speaks to both the immigrant culture and the host culture, arguing that both sides have much to learn about the debate. This timely, clear, and compassionate resource will benefit all Christians who are thinking through the immigration issue.

Table of Content: Foreword by Samuel Rodrigyez Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Hispanic Immigration: Invasion or Opportunity? 2. Of Immaigrants, Refugees, and Exiles: Guidance from the Old Testament, Part I 3. The Law and the Sojourner: Guidance from the Old Testament, Part II 4. Welcoming the Stranger: Guidance from the New Testament 5. Where Do We Go From Here? Final Thoughts Afterword by Ronald J. Sider Appendix: Selected Resources Notes Index