Christian Political Ethics

Author: John A. Coleman, S.J. Publisher: Princeton University Press (order here) Publish Year: 2008 Book Description:

Christian Political Ethics brings together leading Christian scholars of diverse theological and ethical perspectives—Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist, and Anabaptist—to address fundamental questions of state and civil society, international law and relations, the role of the nation, and issues of violence and its containment. Representing a unique fusion of faith-centered ethics and social science, the contributors bring into dialogue their own varying Christian understandings with a range of both secular ethical thought and other religious viewpoints from Judaism, Islam, and Confucianism. They explore divergent Christian views of state and society—and the limits of each. They grapple with the tensions that can arise within Christianity over questions of patriotism, civic duty, and loyalty to one's nation, and they examine Christian responses to pluralism and relativism, globalization, and war and peace. Revealing the striking pluralism inherent to Christianity itself, this pioneering volume recasts the meanings of Christian citizenship and civic responsibility, and raises compelling new questions about civil disobedience, global justice, and Christian justifications for waging war as well as spreading world peace. It brings Christian political ethics out of the churches and seminaries to engage with today's most vexing and complex social issues.

The contributors are Michael Banner, Nigel Biggar, Joseph Boyle, Michael G. Cartwright, John A. Coleman, S.J., John Finnis, Theodore J. Koontz, David Little, Richard B. Miller, James W. Skillen, and Max L. Stackhouse. Table of Content: Preface John A. Coleman, S.J. ix Part I:State and Civil Society One: Christianity and Civil Society Michael Banner 3 Two: A Limited State and a Vibrant Society: Christianity and Civil Society John A. Coleman, S.J. 22 Three: Christianity, Civil Society, and the State: A Protestant Response Max L. Stackhouse 54 Part II: Boundaries and Justice Four: Christian Attitudes toward Boundaries: Metaphysical and Geographical Richard B. Miller 67 Five: The Value of Limited Loyalty: Christianity, the Nation, and Territorial Boundaries Nigel Biggar 92 Part III: Pluralism Six: Conscientious Individualism: A Christian Perspective on Ethical Pluralism David Little 113 Seven: Pluralism as a Matter of Principle James W. Skillen 141 Part IV: International Society Eight:Christianity and the Prospects for a New Global Order Max L. Stackhouse 155 Nine: Globalization and Catholic Social Thought: Mutual Challenges John A. Coleman, S.J. 170

Part V: War and Peace Ten: The Ethics of War and Peace in the Catholic Natural Law Tradition John Finnis 191 Eleven: Just War Thinking in Catholic Natural Law Joseph Boyle 217 Twelve: Christian Nonviolence: An Interpretation Theodore J. Koontz 232 Thirteen: Conflicting Interpretations of Christian Pacifism Michael G. Cartwright 261 Contributors 279 Index 281