RBL Blog - 2015/4/10

The following new reviews have been added to the Review of Biblical Literature:

Menschenbilder und Körperkonzepte im Alten Israel, in Ägypten und im Alten Orient Angelika Berlejung, Jan Dietrich, and Joachim Friedrich Quack, eds. Reviewed by Mark W. Hamilton

Wisdom’s Wonder: Character, Creation, and Crisis in the Bible’s Wisdom Literature William P. Brown

Reviewed by James Alfred Loader

Toward Understanding the Hebrew Canon: A Form-Critical Approach Martin J. Buss

Reviewed by Colin Toffelmire

Wisdom for Life: Essays Offered to Honor Prof. Maurice Gilbert, SJ, on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday Nuria Calduch-Benages, ed.

Reviewed by Katharine Dell

The Emergence of Israel in the Twelfth and Eleventh Centuries B.C.E. Volkmar Fritz

Reviewed by Lester L. Grabbe

The Elijah-Hazael Paradigm and the Kingdom of Israel: The Politics of God in Ancient Syria-Palestine Hadi Ghantous

Reviewed by Aren M. Maeir

Taking Jesus at His Word: What Jesus Really Said in the Sermon on the Mount Addison Hodges Hart

Reviewed by Joshua Chatraw

New Meanings for Ancient Texts: Recent Approaches to Biblical Criticism and Their Applications Steven L. McKenzie and John Kaltner, eds.

Reviewed by Emmanuel Nathan

Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture R. W. L. Moberly

Reviewed by Trent C. Butler Reviewed by Wilhelm J. Wessels

Paul and His Life-Transforming Theology: A Concise Introduction Roger Mohrlang

Reviewed by Bas van Os

The Resurrection of the Messiah: A Narrative Commentary on the Resurrection Accounts in the Four Gospels Francis J. Moloney

Reviewed by Richard I. Pervo

Deborah’s Daughters: Gender Politics and Biblical Interpretation Joy A. Schroeder

Reviewed by Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

Acts and Christian Beginnings: The Acts Seminar Report Dennis E. Smith and Joseph B. Tyson, eds.

Reviewed by Susana Funsten

The Dreams of Matthew 1:18–2:23: Tradition, Form, and Theological Investigation William J. Subash

Reviewed by Bart J. Koet