RBL Blog - 2015/2/27

The following new reviews have been added to the Review of Biblical Literature:

Arameans, Chaldeans, and Arabs in Babylonia and Palestine in the First Millennium B.C. Angelika Berlejung and Michael P. Streck, eds.

Reviewed by Aren M. Maeir

4QInstruction Matthew J. Goff

Reviewed by Kenneth Atkinson Reviewed by Jeffrey P. Garcia

Entering the Fray: A Primer on New Testament Issues for the Church and Academy T. Michael W. Halcomb

Reviewed by C. Jason Borders

Born of a Virgin? Reconceiving Jesus in the Bible, Tradition, and Theology Andrew T. Lincoln

Reviewed by Marianne Blickenstaff

Portraits of a Mature God: Choices in Old Testament Theology Mark McEntire

Reviewed by Ginny Brewer-Boydston

Subversive Wisdom: Sociopolitical Dimensions of John’s Gospel Bert Newton

Reviewed by Benjamin Reynolds

Pour lire la lettre de Saint Paul aux Romains Chantal Reynier

Reviewed by Abson Joseph

Das Archiv des Idadda: Die Keilschrifttexte aus den deutsch-syrischen Ausgrabungen 2001–2003 im Königspalast von Qatna Thomas Richter and Sarah Lange

Reviewed by Jan-Wim Wesselius

The Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis, Books II and III: De Fide Frank Williams, trans.

Reviewed by Simon Gathercole