Covenant Economics

A biblical Vision of Justice For ALL

主講: 謝品然博士(本中心主任) 講座介紹: This book does just that, all owing pastors, students, and interested laity to form an understanding about the economics of the Bible and its clarion call for economic justice for all, an issue that is sure to resonate during today's trying economic times. Questions for discussion and suggestions for further reading are included in this volume a work that will spark lively conversation.

Covenant Economics – A Biblical Vision of Justice for All Author: Richard A. Horsley ISBN: 978-0-664-23395-2

Table of Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction: “All People Are Endowed by Their Creator…” ix Part 1: Economics Justice and the Common Good

  1. Serving the Sacred Forces of Imperial Civilization 1

  2. Covenant Society and Economic Rights 17

  3. Mutual Support and the Protection of Economic Rights 33

  4. The Monarchy and Economic Centralization 51

  5. Prophetic Condemnation of Economic Exploitation 65

Part 2: the Renewal of Covenant Community

  1. The Roman Imperial Economy in Jesus’ Time 81

  2. Jesus’ Renewal of the Covenant 99

  3. Covenant Renewal and Economic Justice in the Gospel of Mark 115

  4. The Assemblies of Christ in the Letters of Paul 135

  5. Covenant Community in the Gospel of Matthew 149

Conclusion: “…With Certain Unalienable Rights” 165 For Further Reading 181 Index of Ancient Sources 185 Index of Subjects